The Maor Self Defense Center of Rome was born from the merger of the experience of the founder  of Krav Maga MAOR (Amnon Maor) and Ghezzi Charly.  Amnon Maor (Israel) is the founder of a new defense system resulting from the well known system  of self defense used by the Israeli armed forces and widespread throughout the world specialist in  the field. Born in Israel in 1959. It was in the IDF in 1977 and served in one of its elite units.  Discharged from military service in 1980, Maor began working with children as an instructor in judo  and karate. Attended the Wingate Institute and is certified as a qualified instructor in these areas.  In 1988, the beginning of the Intifada (Palestinian uprising), Maor has been added as an instructor  in the elite units of the police against Israeli terrorism. During his service in the police force, Maor  was a fighter and has developed working methods and thought for the soldiers to fight in order to  ensure maximum safety and effectiveness during operations in the field: Sharp-shooting, fighting  built-up areas, noise assault, raids and adaptations of Krav Maga Maor for combat soldiers. His  professionalism and expertise is known throughout the world constitutes the reference point for  the training of all armed forces and security sector specialist government.  Its training center guarantees the professionalism of its instructors, most severely selected and  updated in self-defense techniques. Charly Ghezzi (Italy) and Head Instructor of the Maor Self Defense Center of Rome has been chosen  as coordinator of all training activities taking place in Italy.  Government Security Specialist in the field with twenty years of specific experience in the  counterterrorism field, and hight technology. His technical training is completed and certified in  Israel Amnon Maor directly from that by constantly updating. An expert in martial arts and self  defense techniques has decided to provide his expertise to anyone wishing to experience a new  method of defense, not concentrate on offense, but on its ability to escape from dangerous  situations and avoid maximum damage irreparable damage to the attacker, who could later claim  legal action with very harmful to him who has implemented a defense disproportionate compared  to the act of offense.
Krav Maga Maor Selfdefense Italia
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